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So, This is where I finally get to meet you.

cout << Hello World << endl;

This is Tanishq Agarwal. An Engineer by profession, an aviator at heart & a maverick by soul. I really like to build things, get my hands on the latest tech out there (a tech geek for sure) & try out new stuff. On my journey to conquest the same, I came up with Unboxify; where we are trying to make an impact on the e-commerce ecosystem by offering curated open-box quality products to cx's at the lowest prices.

A lil about my background, I did my schooling from ST. Xaviers School, Alwar & completed my Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, BHU (IIT-BHU), where I was part of many clubs & societies. 

My entrepreneurial journey started back in 2017 as a marketplace seller on Amazon. Later I expanded to Flipkart, Snapdeal, Ebay etc. We're currently a top rated seller now on Amazon & Flipkart and have served a combined volume of 2,00,000+ products on these platforms.

Later on when COVID hit in early 2020, I was having a lot of free time; so I started working on my first e-commerce site (Now Acquired) for premium consumer electronics segment. During my years at grabgear, I got to know about open-box products and being a gadget freak got fascinated with the whole concept/supply-chain of open-box products & the reach/popularity these products can have if marketed correctly (I mean who wouldn't want a 99% condition product at literally 30-50 % off).

So, I got started working on my project in 2021; and finally here we're today at Unboxify to help you to get your hands on that newest gadget on a budget.

I hope you would like our product & offerings :)

Feel free to hit me up on LinkedIn

cout<< Enchanté, Ciao << endl;



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