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Icon for shopping_bagWhat are unboxed products?

What are Unboxed Products? 🤌

Unboxed Products are like-new products with just the box seal opened. These products are usually in like-new or mint condition 🌟 (mostly as good as new). These products used for less than 7 - 30 Days (Depending on product grade). As they are not used, so they still hold a valid brand warranty with them for a period of 6-12 Months (Why Less Warranty? Because some time is spent by these products in transit, storage or restocking). 

Furthermore, These products are only sourced from brand-authorised retailers thus they are fully covered under warranty by the brand's service policy. Our major vendors are - Appario Retail, Cloudtail India, CORSECA, SuperCommNet, WSRetail etc. You can cross-check their names in the brand's authorized online retailer list to be double sure.

Where do Unboxed Products come from? 🧐

Most of our inventory comes via e-commerce returns which are basically products returned by the end-consumer within the respective website's return period (generally 7 Days) due to various reasons such as didn't like the product, no longer needed, price drop, incompatible with their use case etc. Other ways of sourcing include Brand/Store Liquidations of Overstock & Sample Inventory or carrier liquidation of lost or damaged outer box units.  

Are Unboxed Products Refurbished or Used? Nah!! 🙅‍♂️

Now comes the million-dollar question, are unboxed products refurbished? The answer to this is a pretty straight, No.

Refurbished Products are those products which were previously used by a particular user for a considerable period generally 1-2 years and then were repaired to get them restored in a working or re-sellable condition. Refurbished Devices because of getting used for a long time, are often not covered under brand warranty.

In stark comparison, Unboxed products are never opened or repaired. The product's internal manufacturing seal is intact in all Unboxed Devices & because of being used for very less periods, are covered under brand warranty. As they are all original so they don't have any aftermarket parts or accessories, so you can rest assured about their performance & functionality. Unboxed Products get returned within the e-commerce return policy which is very less to consider them as used (as compared to the average gadgets usage lifetime of 2 Years) or affect their pristine condition. 

What is the condition of Unboxed Products? 🔍

Unboxed Products are usually in mint/like-new condition and have few or no scratches. All Unboxed Product comes with their original box and accessories**, & are backed with a brand warranty of 6-12 Months (Exact Warranty Details are mentioned on respective product pages). The products are passed through a stringent 8-Step Quality Process for quality, functionality & performance before making their way to your doorstep.

We have divided Unboxed Products on our website into 4 Categories based on their condition & usage history. Each product page has its respective grading tag, mapping them to the following product quality grades -

  • 🥇 (Grade A) -> Used for less than 7 Days/Mint-Condition (0-3 hairline scratch) 
  • 🥈 (Grade B) -> Used for less than 14 Days/Mint-Condition (0-3 minor scratch)
  • 🥉 (Grade C) -> Used for less than 30 Days/Like-New Condition (0-5 minor scratch)
  • Un-medalled -> Used for more than 30 Days/Major Signs of Usage  (5+ Major Scratches)

Warranty period is as per mentioned on respective product pages

**In most of cases accessories are original, but in some rare cases if original accessory is missing from package for any reason whatsoever; we would fulfil it with a compatible one

Sample Images of an Unboxed Product marked as Grade A - 

 Sample Images of an Unboxed Product marked as Grade B -


Why should you buy Unboxed Products? 💭

Your Favourite Brands at Fraction of price (30-60% off) (Get it for lower & we will refund twice the diff back) Backed by Brand Warranty with Unboxify Support for peace of Mind

Mint/Pristine Condition products with No or Minor Signs of Usage

8+ Point Quality Tested for performance & functionality 100% Authentic Products with Original Box & Accessories (Double amount back if proven unauthentic) Unboxify's Seal of Trust & Reliability - Rated 4.6 ⭐ by 1000+ Users (Top Rated Seller on Amazon & Flipkart)


Unboxed vs New ⚔️ (The final Standoff!!)

 Are you losing something when switching to Unboxed? Not really...

Product Condition is Like New 
Product Condition is New
Original Box & Complete Accessories
Original Box & Complete Accessories
Savings of 20-60% on the price of Brand New Products
Retail Prices
Best Choice for personal/corporate usage
Recommended in case of Gifting Purposes
Nearly 90% reduction in Carbon Footprint when switching to Unboxed
Very High Carbon Footprint


Let's talk about our impact on, Dear Earth! 🌎



An unboxed device represents 80 kgs of our collective carbon footprint.  Manufacturing a new smartphone produces about 86 kgs of CO2e. Unboxed Products? Just 6 kgs. Lose the weight: no extra effort, just extra savings.
Insight: 80 Kg is equal to the emission created by driving a car for 800 km.


Some might say that’s what an Unboxed Device is. A new phone uses up about 73 hot tubs worth of water. Buy renewed and you’ll save 60 hot tubs worth. And through this mental gymnastics you, a totally reasonable person, could maybe justify 25 hot tub parties. Right?


Electronic devices are hardcore metal. We mean literally loaded with heavy metals. 309 kgs of raw materials need to be dug up to produce a single gadget. Keep metal alive…by keeping it in circulation. Buy unboxed electronics that Slay(er).


What do you get when you buy a new phone? 199 grams of electronic waste. E-waste is toxic. Like, lead and mercury in your water are toxic. Let that fish go, and choose renewed. All the flash minus the trash (and the toxic environment that comes with that).



Yes, All Unboxed Products (Except Un-medalled ones) on Unboxify come with a minimum 6-Months Warranty. Most of our products usually have 10+ Months of Brand Warranty available, whereas many products being unactivated have a full warranty available. Furthermore, These products are only sourced from brand-authorised retailers thus they are fully covered under warranty by the brand's service policy. Our major vendors are - Appario Retail, Cloudtail India, CORSECA, SuperCommNet, WSRetail etc. You can cross-check their names in the brand's authorized online retailer list to be double-sure.


Customers can claim the manufacturer’s warranty through an authorized service centre with the same process as for any brand-new product.


All unboxed products come with original complete accessories. In case original accessories aren't available in case of returned products, compatible accessories will be provided.

Have anything specific to ask us? WhatsApp your query to +91-8000735762


Icon for reviewIs Unboxify Trustworthy?

Hi everyone,

This is one of the very common questions that we face a lot, being a young startup. But rest assured about one thing, that we will never compromise on quality or service when it comes to our customers.

All the products listed on our website are completely authentic genuine. Also, All the products listed on our website goes through a 8-Point Stringent Quality Check Process for performance & only the best products make their way to our website because of our belief to “put quality over quantity” unlike other websites which sell everything. Furthermore, We strive to provide our consumers with the best value for their buck by providing consumer electronics at the best possible prices while not compromising on quality.

So, Here are some metrics which will help you to solidify our above-mentioned claims & will empower your trust in us-

1. Our Store is rated at 4.6 out of 5 stars (based on 300+ reviews verified by You can view all of our website reviews here - Reviews . is a 3rd Party Company which independently collects and publishes reviews on its website via their API. They have also given us a "Diamond Transparency Award" for always being truthful to customers & never hiding reviews, unlike other sites.


2.  Google Business Rating of 4.8 out of 5 Stars (based on 90 Reviews)

Store Listing - Unboxify

Further, We are also a Top Rated seller since 2017 on many reputed e-commerce marketplaces such as Flipkart, Amazon & Snapdeal with 4+ Rating. We have combinedly processed more than 2,00,000+ orders on these platforms in the last 5 Years. Here, are some snapshots from our profile on these platforms -

So, That was it for the day. We hope that we were able to satisfy your doubts regarding our company profile. If you still have any questions left then don’t hesitate to WhatsApp us on our customer care number +91–8000735762.

Thanks :),

Team Unboxify

Icon for secureHow your payment is completely safe on Unboxify?

We at Unboxify accept payments via three Payment Processing Platforms which are all registered with RBI Compliance - Paytm, Razorpay & Cashfree.

All of the companies are unicorn payment acceptance platforms and have the latest security standards in place against internet payment fraud. So, Your Payment is completely safe while paying on our website. 




    FunkyDecors now holds a "TRUSTED BUSINESS" Badge from RazorPayWe are also a Razorpay Trusted Business, which is India’s First Trust Marker for online businesses, that assures customers about the effort we put into running a trustworthy business. So, they can be super-sure while shopping with us Know more


    Icon for groupLearn more about us.

    Oh, Hello there! We're unboxify, It's really nice to have you here.

    We're a team of e-commerce and gadget experts driven by four basic ideologies -

    • Deliver the best value possible to our users 💰

    Our moto is to maximize the value that we can deliver to our customers, when you buy with us you can be super-sure that you are getting every worth of your penny and we work super-hard in the background to ensure this while maintaining top-notch product quality. That's why all our unboxed products come with a minimum 30% off on prevailing retail prices which run up to 60% (which is even less than factory prices 😉). So, why buy one new when you can have two unboxed at the same price?

    • Never compromise on product quality ⭐

    All our products are passed through a stringent 8-step quality check process before making their way to your doorstep. It's super hard for a defective product to not get caught by the laser-sharp eyes of our quality check team. That's why we boast of an industry-leading <2% defect rate (which is even less than a brand-new product's average defect rate). So, you can be super sure that you are only getting the best quality mint condition products the next time you shop with us.

    • Only stock the best products out there 👌

    You would have noticed that we only have a very limited catalogue of products, the reason being that we only stock the best SKUs out there; which are carefully selected and curated by our product team based on multiple product quality & brand after-sales support parameters.

    • Do good for the environment 🌱

    While you are taking care of your pocket, you are taking care of the environment as well. An unboxed device represents 80 kgs off of our collective carbon footprint.  Manufacturing a new device produces about 86 kgs of CO2e. Unboxed Products? Just 6 kgs. Lose the weight: no extra effort, just extra savings.

      Now a bit about our background, we will try to keep it less boring huh,

      Unboxify is the brainchild of Tanishq Agarwal (IIT-BHU Alumni), our e-commerce journey dates back to 2017 when we started off as marketplace sellers on Amazon & Flipkart, where we are Top-Rated (4+) Sellers today. Our unboxed division was started in 2021, with the vision of resolving the ever-increasing amount of global e-commerce returns (which has touched a GMV of $800 Bn in US alone - 2021 Data).

      These unboxed devices although rarely used and in mint like-new condition, often found it difficult to be marketed through proper channels due to the lack of dedicated websites and awareness among customers (most people confuse unboxed products with refurbished or used 😔, which is not the case at all). Thus, these products often ended up landing in grey markets or being sold off as new units due to their spotless condition. So, to deliver these spotless products at the best value possible to users & to keep these unboxed devices from going to bad markets or ending up in landfills we came up with Unboxify.

      We at Unboxify strive to provide you with the best ever shopping experience humanly possible. Lastly, we would just say try us out once and we are pretty sure the next time you would need another gadget you wouldn't have to look at multiple places, you would know where you have to come 😉. See you on other side....Ciao!!


      Unboxify - Good for pocket, Good for Environment and Good for Society too 🫶!!

      Good to Know - 5% of our net proceeds go to human causes such as Mid-day Meals, Relief Works, Hospital/School operations for the needy etc. We have patronage with multiple NGO's such as Akshaya Patra, Narayana Seva Sansthan & ISKCON India. So, take pride 🌈 in your contribution to society while taking care of your pocket & environment.

      The Spirit of Phoenix 

      Our Registered Trade Licence is under the name of Phoenix Retail Inc & that like other things has a backstory to it. To those of you who are un-initiated Phoenix is an immortal mystical bird described in Greek Mythology (think of it as the Greek counterpart to the Indian Mythological Bird Garuda) that cyclically regenerates or is otherwise born again. Associated with the sun, a phoenix obtains new life by rising from the ashes of its predecessor. Only one phoenix exists at a time, and so when the bird felt its death was near, every 500 to 1,461 years, it would build a nest of aromatic wood and set it on fire. It is said to die in a show of flames and combustion 🔥.

      All the Harry Potter fans would be able to relate here (a high-five 🙌 to all of you out there),

      The phoenix bird symbolizes hope, progress, eternity, immortality and resurrection. In fact, Phoenix is a general symbol of happiness and good fortune. 

      In a small but similar way, we at Unboxify carry the same resurrection spirit of Phoenix with us. Every time we list a product on our website we are resurrecting it back again in the market and just like a Phoenix comes back young & better from the ashes of its predecessor. Our product also comes off better than what it was - when it was new, considering the overall value the product is now delivering to the customer while fulfilling all of its use cases & objective. Kudos 🙌.

      ~ Remember, Phoenix Always Rises from Ashes 

      Screw New. Become part of the last big thing in Tech.


      - Team Unboxify 🚀, Signing Off 🫡 (Proud Member of KLVSTC Group)

      Icon for speech_bubblesKnow the founder.

      So, This is where I finally get to meet you.

      cout << Hello World << endl;

      This is Tanishq Agarwal. An Engineer by profession, an aviator at heart & a maverick by soul. I really like to build things, get my hands on the latest tech out there (a tech geek for sure) & try out new stuff. On my journey to conquest the same, I came up with Unboxify; where we are trying to make an impact on the e-commerce ecosystem by offering curated open-box quality products to cx's at the lowest prices.

      A lil about my background, I did my schooling from ST. Xaviers School, Alwar & completed my Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, BHU (IIT-BHU), where I was part of many clubs & societies. 

      My entrepreneurial journey started back in 2017 as a marketplace seller on Amazon. Later I expanded to Flipkart, Snapdeal, Ebay etc. We're currently a top rated seller now on Amazon & Flipkart and have served a combined volume of 2,00,000+ products on these platforms.

      Later on when COVID hit in early 2020, I was having a lot of free time; so I started working on my first e-commerce site (Now Acquired) for premium consumer electronics segment. During my years at grabgear, I got to know about open-box products and being a gadget freak got fascinated with the whole concept/supply-chain of open-box products & the reach/popularity these products can have if marketed correctly (I mean who wouldn't want a 99% condition product at literally 30-50 % off).

      So, I got started working on my project in 2021; and finally here we're today at Unboxify to help you to get your hands on that newest gadget on a budget.

      I hope you would like our product & offerings :)

      Feel free to hit me up on LinkedIn

      cout<< Enchanté, Ciao << endl;



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